APES 2014 :
Asia-Pacific EPR/ESR Symposium
International EPR (ESR) Society Symposium
SEST 2014
the 53th SEST Annual Meeting


Symposium Venue

Todaiji Culture Center, Nara, JAPAN
Address: 100 Suimon-cho, Nara City

Poster Session: Nara Prefectural New Public Hall (Reception Hall), Nara, JAPAN
Address: 101 Kasugano-cho, Nara City (5 minutes walk from Todaiji Culture Center)
Nara Prefectural New Public Hall

Information of Nara

Tourist Information (multi-languages page)
Nara City Sightseeing Information Center

Transportation to Nara


From Osaka

  • Kintetsu Namba --> Kaisoku-kyuko [Rapid Service Express] --> (Kintetsu Nara Line) 32 minutes --> Kintetsu Nara
  • Hommachi --> (Subway / Kintetsu Higashi-osaka Line) 30 minutes --> transrate to Kintetsu Nara line at Ikoma , Ikoma --> Kaisoku-kyuko (Kintetsu Nara Line) 12 minutes --> Kintetsu Nara
  • JR Osaka --> Nonstop Kaisoku [Rapid Service] (Osaka Loop Line / Yamatoji Line) 48 minutes --> JR Nara

From Kansai Airport

Transportation from Kansai Airport to Nara (pdf, 390KB)
  • Kansai Airport --> (Kansai-kuko Line) 29 minutes --> Tennoji --> Kaisoku (Yamatoji Line) 29 minutes --> JR Nara
  • Kansai Airport --> Nankai RAPI:T (Nankai Line) 29 minutes --> Namba --> Limited Express (Kintetsu Nara Line) 31 minutes --> Kintetsu Nara
  • Kansai Airport --> Limousin Bus (about 95minutes)--> Bus Stop: JR Nara
From Osaka Airport(Itami Airport)
  • Osaka Airport(Itami Airport) --> Osaka Airport Limousine Bus(about 65 minutes) --> Kintetsu Nara
  • Osaka Airport(Itami Airport) --> Airport Bus (about 30 minutes) --> Kintetsu Uehommachi --> Kaisoku kyuko (Kintetsu Nara Line) 29 minutes --> Kintetsu Nara

How to get to Todaiji Culture Center

Culture Cneter
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Local buses are a good way to get to the symposium venue.

Buses frequently depart from JR Nara and Kintetsu Nara stations. Take a bus “Nara City Loop Line” from Bus stop No. 1 at JR Nara Station or from Bus stop No. 1 at Kintetsu Nara Station, and get off at Daibutsuden Kasugataisha Mae.

Todaiji Culture Center is a 5-minute walk from the bus stop.

Walk on the approach to the temple among deer and walk past Nan-daimon (Great South Gate). You will see Todaiji Culture Center on your left.

It takes around 20 minutes to walk from Kintetsu Nara Station to the venue.

On the way, you will see a lot of temples and deer.

On your way back, take bus from "Todaiji Daibutsuden-Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan" bus stop bound for JR Nara and Kintetsu stations.

Bus Route

Bus Stop
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Nara City Loop Line  Map

Take a bus <Loop.2> at "JR Nara Station", <Loop.2> or <Loop.6> at "Kintetsu Nara Station"
 , and get off at Daibutsuden Kasugataisha Mae (the number of the bus stop: N-7).

Bus Route
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How to ride the bus: to Nara Kotsu Web Page
You take the "Front-boarding type" bus.
Please prepare "210 JPY" in advance.
You pay the fare when you board.
You can exchange money only to 1,000 JPY in the bus.

Available IC cards: CI-CA, PiTaPa, and ICOCA.
Unavailable IC cards: Suica, Pasmo, Kitaka, SUGOCA, manaca, TOICA, nimoca, and HAYAKAKEN.

Welcome Reception and SEST-APES Young Scientists Meeting Venues

Welcome Reception and SEST-APES Young Scientists Meeting will be held at Nara Women's University (NWU)
near Todaiji Culture Center. It is about 15 minutes walk to the main gate of NWU.

The route to NWU from Todaiji Culture Center.

RootMap, Nara Women's University
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The campus map of NWU.

Nara Women's University
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Poster Venue

Venue: Nara Prefectural New Public Hall, 101 Kasuganotyo, Nara
Tel : 0742-27-2630

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Banquet Venue

Venue: Half Time (in Nara National Museum), 50 Noborioojityo, Nara
Tel : 0742-22-1673

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Floor Plan of Todaiji Culture Center

Floor 1F


Floor B1